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Two Industry Pros make a new website.

Two very different worlds collide to bring you Bev Nine to Five.

Style Nine to Five and Beauty Nine to Five Founder and CEO Christie Lohr knows a thing or two about running a successful job resource site, especially after spending 10+ years in career recruitment in the fashion retail industry. Her partner, Jesse Bannister of Huxley Supply Co., a sales and distribution agent for exclusive top craft brands, bridges the gap between passionate tastemakers and their refined products with the leading bottle shops across Western Canada.

Together, they have created Bev Nine to Five, a career board connecting beverage industry professionals with the finest beverage companies and the dream jobs they serve up – libations not included.

Joining their two fields of expertise, recruitment, and beverages, Christie and Jesse are helping professional job seekers and establishments strike liquid gold with their career and hiring search. Now that’s what we call a tall glass of hospitality.

– Cheers!

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