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Trading Post Brewing: Tasting with Lance Verhoeff


At the end of August I had the pleasure of going into Trading Post Brewing, located in Fort Langley, and was able to sit down and chat with General Manager: Lance Verhoeff. To be frank, I was the one sitting and Lance was working and talking to me behind the bar. Upon entering the Eatery & Taphouse the feel was warm and inviting with minimal decorations and absolutely no big screen TV’s in-sight. Not a common thing for an eatery. I later realized the reasoning behind this was to invite back face-to-face conversations and unplug from technology.
While Lance and I were chatting I had the pleasure of trying out some of the beers that were on tap; I was handed a flight of beer which consists of 4 x 4oz tasters that come on a wooden board – so I was able to get a little sample of each.

The first beer I was told to try was their 1827 Helles Lager. This is a German style golden blonde lager that is quite light and very drinkable (as Lance mentioned, if you’re not a big beer drinking this one is a great choice to ease yourself in).


Next up was the Dear James S.M.A.S.H Saison; another light beer that has some lovely citrus and apricot notes. Trading Post refers to this refreshing beer that shines a nice golden yellow as their quintessential artisanal brew that is a farmers top pick.

Following the Saison was my favourite of the day – their Captain Cooper’s Cranberry Ale. If you’re a lover of fruit flavoured beer and all things tart this is up your alley. An interesting fact that I was made aware of was this beer is sourced with Lactobacillus (which is better known as yogurt) which is added to eat the sugars in the beer and keep the tartness present.

Finally, I ended off with the Three Bears Breakfast Stout. With the word ‘breakfast’ right in the beer Lance informed me that this beer is one you can drink any time of day. Specifically brewed with a dark roasted malt and Republica Roasters coffee you are initially hit hard with flavours of chocolate and espresso upon your first sip. This beer is extremely bold, rich, and creamy. I myself am not a fan of heavy dark beers – but if you are and enjoy coffee, this brew is a must try.

It’s clear that Trading Post truly embraces their love of community and the essence of craft beer. Only having been open for less than a year this brewery is already a ‘go-to’ spot on the craft brewery

Bev Nine to Five: You just opened your brewery in February and Taphouse & Eatery in May – how has the response been?

Lance Verhoeff: Response has been amazing. Both locations have been very well accepted in Langley and we are so happy to be part of the community that has embraced both the eatery and brewery. Because we are one of the few breweries in the Langley area, we didn’t know how the response was going to be, but Langley has embraced our vision and it’s been a fun ride so far!

BNTF: What gave you the idea to start a brewery in this booming industry?

LV: I fell in love with the industry when my wife, Marissa, and I were living in Vancouver. We loved the tasting room and brewery scene and realized when we moved back to Langley that there was a need for a local microbrewery.

BNTF: Tell me a bit about your background, what were you doing before this?

LV: I graduated from Trinity Western University in 2011 and had a couple sales jobs that gave me some great experience, but I knew I wanted to run my own business at some point. When Marissa and I fell in love with craft beer and the industry, we knew it was the right business to start up in a place that had a void for a local microbrewery.

BNTF: Who were the main people behind the Trading Post branding?

LV: Marissa came up with the name Trading Post and we had a branding company named Dossier creative in Vancouver help us with the logo and brand standards.

BNTF: Favourite beer on-tap right now? Favourite menu item at the eatery?

LV: I love our breakfast stout. An oatmeal stout that has rich flavours of coffee and chocolate. We use a local coffee roaster down the street, Republica Roasters, and put a bunch of whole beans into the stout at the end of the brewing process. My favourite menu item at the eatery is our Fried Chicken Sandwich.

BNTF: If a girl were to impress a guy on their first date – what beer would you suggest her to order?

LV: I’d suggest she order a flight of beer. A flight is 4  x 4oz tasters of beer that come on a board made from the wood we gained from doing renovations at our eatery! The flight will give/allow them to engage in conversation about which beers they like and don’t like.

BNTF:  Anything new and exciting in the works?

LV: We are always changing out our seasonal beer selection, but we just started canning our 6 pack of lager and will be coming out with seasonal offerings as well. We are going to can our Cranberry Ale just in time for the big Cranberry fest held every year in Ft Langley in the beginning of October.

BNTF: If you could give any tips or pieces of advice for those wanting to get into the craft brewing industry – what would you say?

LV: I’d highly suggest to reach to those who have opened a brewery and understand what it takes to get it done. There are so many people that helped me out with a ton of knowledge and suggestions. The industry is extremely collaborative and it really helps in the early stages when there are so many details around opening a brewery. I’ve met some really cool people and made some great friends in the brewing industry, it’s a great industry to be a part of!

Location: Taphouse & Eatery – 9143 Glover Road, Fort Langley


Image Credits: Trading Post Brewing


Samantha Lenz

As a graduate of UFV's English and Journalism Program, Samantha is a freelance journalist and lifestyle blogger based out of Abbotsford, BC. She primarily writes for BevNinetoFive, Populist, and TheBabeReport. On a personal level, Samantha is a strong mental health advocate and believes it is extremely important to educate others on stigmas behind depression and anxiety. You'll likely find this busy mom hanging out with her son, tucked away behind a computer, or reading a good book.

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