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Gose Ahead, Make My Day!


The only thing more fun than coming up with the title for this article was taste testing different Gose beers to recommend. If you haven’t heard of Gose style beer it is a top-fermented beer that originated in Goslar, Germany. Flavours associated with this style of beer include lemon sourness, herbal notes, and a strong saltiness (the result of either water sources or added salt in the brewing process).

In layman’s terms a Gose is a delightfully sour wheat beer and a welcome change from other, better-known, styles of beer. Unfortunately, most breweries don’t offer Gose options all year round but there are a few beers that are worth waiting around for. Keep your eyes and palates peeled for these Ontario Craft Gose Beers on shelves or on tap, they are excellent options and a great way to decide is this is the style of beer for you.


Ceres – Nickel Brook

Straight from their “Funk Lab” comes this famous Cucumber-Lime Gose that is tart as all heck and deliciously refreshing. It’s brewed with cucumber, lime juice, fresh lime zest, coriander and a hint of Himalayan sea salt, the result being one funktastic summer beer. The cucumber differentiates this one from many of its peers and is definitely worth a try!

gose 2

Gose – Collective Arts

It’s amazing how differently all of these Gose options compare when considering the ingredients are mainly the same. Of course, that in itself is the science of beer, and the magic of it too. Much like the others it contains coriander and Himalayan sea salt and has a low hop bitterness but the lemony sour fruitiness really stands out in this one.


Maverick & Gose – Amsterdam Brewery & Great Lakes Brewery

Two of Ontario’s best craft brewers age this Gose-style beer in Ontario Chardonnay barrels and the result is addictive. A great “gateway beer” for anyone looking to try a sour/ Gose beer for the first time! The citrusy lime and salty aroma game is strong in this one, with hints of coriander, pale malts and white grape skin from the Chardonnay barrels.

By: Susannah Kiernan, @susannahkiernan

Susannah Kiernan

Susannah Kiernan is a writer, actress, singer, and comedian who currently resides in Toronto. She has worked extensively in stage, film, and television in Canada and the United States. Her female comedy duo, "L'il RasGALS", writes and performs shows across the country and regularly in Toronto, and were nominated for "Best Sketch Troupe" by Now Magazine. In the summer of 2014, Susannah sang back-up for the band Heart at some of their Canadian tour stops. She is also a graduate of the Fashion Management Program at George Brown and is acting as Managing Editor and writer at Chloe Magazine.

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