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Wine Wednesday: Feature of the Week


Well it’s that time again folks – the day of the week you’re all looking forward to: Wine Wednesday! With that being said we all know that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and there has to be a few people out there wondering what bottle to serve for dinner, or what to surprise their special someone with.

Just the other week I decided to crack open a bottle of Effervescence (White) which is from Evolve Cellars in Summerland.

When I first took at look at the bottle of wine I was mesmerized. The label is so eye catching – it’s simple, yet it pops! I am a big fan of the colour teal, so it was no surprise why this bottle had my attention. One thing that puzzled me at the beginning (I am hoping I am not the only one), was that there was no cork, or screw top; but what looked like a bottle cap. To my surprise it was indeed – but I liked that there was a suction seal underneath so if you didn’t finish the bottle right away you were able to put the cap back on and have the wine sealed.

This BC Pinot Blanc/Chardonnay blend was a lot more refreshing than others I have tried in the past. I was honestly surprised how bubbly it was – I felt like this could be a perfect “champagne” wine. It was on the drier side for my liking (however I am impartial to sweeter varieties) but I did like how fizzy it was. If you are worried it may be on the dry side for you – I also enjoyed a glass with a fruit cocktail juice blend; a twist on a mimosa so to speak.

Effervescence would be a perfect choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day – this wine is fun and fresh! It is very aromatic and full of sparkles to toast and show each other how much you love one another. This wine is soft on the palette, you’ll taste some bready notes but then you get hit with a touch of sweetness – making it the perfect accompaniment to any dinner or dessert pairing of your choice.

My rating out of 10: 7

Region: Okanagan – Summerland
Price: $19.99
Alcohol Level: 12.5%
Sweetness Level: 1
Available: online or winery direct

Is there a brand of wine you’re interesting in knowing about? Let us know!

Image Credit: Twitter

*Wine provided by Town Hall Communications

Samantha Lenz

As a graduate of UFV's English and Journalism Program, Samantha is a freelance journalist and lifestyle blogger based out of Abbotsford, BC. She primarily writes for BevNinetoFive, Populist, and TheBabeReport. On a personal level, Samantha is a strong mental health advocate and believes it is extremely important to educate others on stigmas behind depression and anxiety. You'll likely find this busy mom hanging out with her son, tucked away behind a computer, or reading a good book.

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