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Breweries Worth Road Tripping For


In Toronto we are lucky to have so many craft breweries right in the heart of the city, but some of the best around happen to be just outside city limits. So which ones are worth hopping in the car for? Depending on how far you want to go, one could spend an entire week […]

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How to Survive your Post Holiday Hangover


With the start of a new year, means a new set of resolutions, goals, and adventures. However before we can begin to bask in all the glory that 2017 has in store – many of us; most of us that is, will be trying to nurse that good old ‘holiday hangover’. Going back to work […]

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Tips to Stick to your “NO” Drink Resolution

drink no

It’s always the easiest thing to do – making a New Year’s resolution and listing all these ideas and habits you have for the coming year. However, once those “resolutions” start to take effect it’s not so easy following through and sticking with them – especially if that means cutting out alcohol 100%. Many people […]

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The Most Important Person in the Room: A Series Profiling Toronto’s Top Bartenders – PT 5 – The Distillery District’s Archeo: Carrie Silverman


There are endless reasons why we go to bars. Whether it’s to catch up with friends, for an important business meeting, or a romantic rendez-vous the restaurant and bar industry is a booming business deeply rooted in our zeitgeist. This series seeks to showcase those who are often overlooked, our silent heroes behind the bar […]

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Wine Wednesday: Feature of the Week

Glass of wine and some fruits, bottle of wine, cheese against a brick wall.

Happy Hump Day! Or should I just say happy wine Wednesday? It’s been known that Wednesday is the designated “wine” day of the week; primarily due to the fact that you’ve made it through the bulk of your week (Monday and Tuesday) and now you can start preparing for the weekend. That’s not to say […]

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Stouts & Porters: Step Into the Dark Side


It’s that time of year again. The time of year when an IPA just might not cut it, and on one of those cold nights you just want to put on your woolliest, most hipster sweater and curl up at home with a good hearty stout or porter. For those seeking the answer to the […]

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Q&A with Halo Brewery Founder Eric Portelance


At a time when craft breweries are popping up around Toronto like weeds, it is imperative that any brewers who want to last are cutting-edge, adventurous, and offer something unique and creative. Enter Halo Brewery, a small brewery, tasting room, and bottle shop located in Toronto’s Junction Triangle, headed by Callum Hay and Eric Portelance. […]

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Wine Condoms – Protection for every Bottle


Yes – you’re reading the title of the post correct… Wine Condoms. They have now created these special types of condoms – better known as stoppers – to practice “safe sips”. Chances are you yourself, or someone you know can never finish a bottle to themselves, or there is always remnants leftover from a girls […]

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Hot Drinks to Keep You Warm


As the weather gets colder it takes a lot more than an infinity scarf and Hallmark Christmas movie to feel warm. A hot drink can be just the thing when you’re looking for a holiday beverage that will leave you feeling warm and cozy. Sure, there are the classics that probably come to mind immediately […]

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